Rosewater Foundation empowers individuals to rise from cycles of desperation to successful independence through renewable energy technology advancement, private farm to table nourishment and basic life rhythm inspirations.



We see a world healed by revitalized holistic, homeopathic community healthcare…

  • rooted in backyard, vertical and rooftop gardens;

  • fueled by energy created through the power of solar rays;

  • inspired by citizens living happy, stress-free lives breath by deep breath.


We commit to serving as a catalyst for community transformation…

  • bringing corporate and private wealth to citizens inspired to fulfill their dreams;

  • sharing free life rhythm knowledge to bring health & happiness to all people at no cost;

  • providing priceless return on investments to fellow corporations and philanthropists.

  • Equipping individuals to cultivate, cook and develop a new taste for their organic food

  • Teaching ancient breathing and meditation practices to break free from mental prisons

  • Empowering hard working citizens with the benefits of renewable energies

  • Power is found in a diverse community working together

  • Bringing hope to desperate neighbors seeking their first game-changing breakthrough

  • Hierarchies:


We understand and acknowledge the historical sociological hindrances to community transformation, yet we see the power of nature blended with technological advances in isolated pockets of the community.  Only through collective action leading to individual empowerment will hope be restored.