Are you seeking that managerial edge to inspire superstar employees on your team?

With my "Empowering Employee Strategic Plan" customized for your employees, your team members will generate personalized goals and strategies to guide them to success, happiness and fulfillment at work.


Have you lost your way on the social media evolution path?  Are you overwhelmed by the short videos, infographics and GIFs in your daily life?

Hundreds of professional executives have benefited from the social media workshop "Branding the Taylor Swift Way". Ten proven principles from the pop star presented in an interactive 30-minute workshop.  Participants leave with three clear professional objectives to be more strategic, mindful and free-to-be-you fun on their chosen apps.


Are you ready for an artificial intelligence, robot-driven reality beyond our helpful Alexa, Siri and Bixby lives?

Fascinated Futurist & Change Catalyst

I offer a variety of services to all of my clients, from "Empowering Employee Strategic Plans" for select employees to 3-year comprehensive strategic plans. 

Are you a manager seeking leadership dynamics that empower and equip your team members to great success?

Are you an executive seeking a step-by-step plan of action to build a strong brand presence on targeted social media? 

Or, are you are a small startup seeking strategic planning and networking guidance? 

No matter what your needs are, I am here to guide you through the processes of empowering employees, building powerful brands with clear social media plans and planning out the strategic steps and objectives of your mission.



I will provide you guidance every step of the way.

Rod Malloy
Rod Malloy
Empowering Employee Strategic Plan
  •  A proven detailed job description

  • Just 1 hour of your staff time to complete job description interview

  • Your employees return to work inspired and happy

Complete Customized Social Media Plan and Calendar
  • 2-hour on-site interview included

  • Streamline online posts to crystallize and extend brand reach 

Strategic Plan
Builder Package
  • 5-hour facilitated interviews of key staff

  • Your vision set out in clear strategic action steps